Confetti by Mui provides the following services:

1. Customize jewelry designing:  if you are looking for jewelry which is uniquely yours, our experienced in-house jewelry designer will work with you through the design stage before handing over your project to our teams of experienced craftsmen for fabrication.  We undertake the processes of making your jewelry right up to the delivery of the finished pieces hence letting you to purchase your dream jewelry at the comfort of your home.

2. Buying-house service:  For customers who are looking for investment jewelry, we provide a one-stop sourcing house service.  With our network of mine owners and large wholesalers in gemstones and diamonds, we are able to shorten the supply chain hence helping you source for investment quality diamonds and gemstones at very competitive prices.

3. Sales:  Our ready-made jewelry collections are mostly our own creations that are unique in their own ways and with some sourced from overseas markets to provide our customers a diverse range of unique designs.  Most of our pieces are one-and-only and are attractively priced. 

4. Gemstones authentication service:  Confetti by Mui believes that informed customers are important.  So as part of our awareness creation and educational effort, we have our in-house gemologist providing you jewelry consultation service to authenticate your jewelry for a token fee.  We like to see our customers making informed choices when investing in their beloved jewelry.